Colt Mackenzie McNair Unveils Dynamic New Branding

By Adam Keable, Director

Colt Mackenzie McNair (CMM) is excited to introduce a company-wide rebranding, marking a significant milestone in the journey of the market-leading executive search business. This rebranding underscores CMM's unwavering dedication to continual leadership and innovation within the global search industry, whilst emphasising the pivotal role of collaboration within their operations.

The new branding embodies CMM's core values and represents a strategic evolution for the company. At the heart of this transformation is the principle of collaboration, which acts as the cornerstone of CMM's identity. The pivotal inclusion of this principal reflects the company's unwavering commitment to working closely with clients to deliver tailored solutions that meet their unique needs.

The visual centrepiece of the new identity is a symbolic mark designed to mirror three key themes within CMM's business: Synergy, Symmetry, and Dynamism. The branding continues to position CMM as a progressive, personal, and premium brand within the search space, aligning perfectly with its mission to serve as a dynamic and adaptable partner to clients across the global golf industry.

The new symbol is a visual representation of CMM's evolution and growth. It is constructed from four points of symmetry, drawing inspiration from the original CMM symbol, while forming a distinctive and iconic graphic shape. What sets this symbol apart is its animated variants, which are unique 'expressions' symbolising CMM's dynamic and adaptable approach to each client and brief.

Richard Wood, Managing Director of Colt Mackenzie McNair, said: "The search business has evolved since the inception of CMM, and as such, we wanted to update how we position ourselves within the market. Golf is no longer a provincial industry, and we now work with a range of diverse clients, many of which are leading employers around the global golf industry. Our new identity embodies our values and also aligns with how we plan to service the industry moving forward."

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