Assisting the PGA of America with a global employment strategy

When the PGA of America defined a new global strategy, it encouraged members to seek overseas employment, given that the main areas of growth of golf are in emerging markets. Although the PGA of America already has members working in 35 countries around the world, there was no dedicated support or active engagement with employers outside the US.

Given our track record of recruiting in the global golf industry, the PGA chose CMM to develop a specialised employment service to support members. With our expertise, we developed a seamless service alongside the PGA’s current employment services, acting as an extension of their organisation.


  • Research – Provide insight and intelligence into the international markets and key stakeholders
  • Awareness – Communicate the benefits and position the service to targeted employers
  • Education and Support – Develop support services for the PGA of America members considering a career abroad.
  • Management – Set up and administer the on going service as an extension of the PGA of America’s domestic Employment Team


  • Developed project infrastructure and execution team to be based in core markets
  • Sourced industry data to support business decisions
  • Bring in expert project partners to compliment the service – Clear view Relocation and KPMG
  • Develop exclusive and focused content for the PGA of America members
  • Engage with employers and key stakeholders through a strategic marketing mix

Colt Mackenzie McNair is the leading specialist executive search firm providing effective recruitment solutions to the global golf industry. With offices in the UK, North and Central America, and Hong Kong, our team of recruitment experts have successfully searched and recruited talents for jobs in the golf-related clubs, resorts, real estate, retail and tourism sectors throughout Europe, the United States, the Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific. CMM's unrivalled market intelligence and golf industry experience delivers an effective solution whatever the mandate.

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