A change of direction for Portmarnock

Portmarnock Golf Club is often ranked in the world’s top 50 courses, steeped in tradition with a great reputation. Like with all clubs the continual challenge is to modernize but retain the key traditions and value that make up the ‘Portmarnock experience’. When the Club Professional outlined his retirement following a number of years at the club, this provided an opportunity for Portmarnock to explore the potential options that were open to them.

CMM advised Portmarnock through the process helping to define the new position, employment structure and manage the onboarding transition. Using our expertise, we also chaired the interview panel to support the club’s recruitment committee.


  • Outline the best employment structure to follow when hiring a new Head Professional (retained or employed)
  • Create a job description that advances the role and responsibilities of the new Head Professional but still aligns with Portmarnock’s traditions and values.
  • Ensure thorough qualification of candidates through a structured interview process with CMM chairing and guiding the recruitment committee.


  • Researched the market and the clubs requirements to outline the correct employment structure ensuring that it was attractive to both the club and incumbent.
  • Assessed the clubs long term strategic plan to scope the position paying attention to the retail, coaching and operational requirements of the role.
  • Devised a screening and interview process that ensured the club were able to manage and qualify the candidates. Throughout the process a CMM representative was on hand and played a big part in the onboarding process.
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